Who Buys Art

Who Buys Art

…We have to admit also that the nature of artistic attainment is psychoanalytically inaccessible to us. (S. Freud)

What does an object mean to you? That part is very subjective. We can also consider the question: what is the use of this object? This part is generally objective. 

So, for me and a few others, fine art represents a lot. It gives expression to numerous relevant and important things; such as events, the universe, monuments, feelings, shapes and colors, etc.. I view art as very functional. My brief description listed a basic use - namely expression and actualization. It is very human, a unique gift from The Creator. Amen. That’s cool! But we mostly buy art because it is appealing and resonates with us. It depends on our interest and taste…kind of like flavors.

As for who buys art: cool, sophisticated and maybe a tad bit sensitive people!

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