Our Story In A Nutshell

Operated by RAP Inc. based in Toronto, since 2018, our online store and magazine provides a unique experience - combining the artful and utile. That comes from our company’s good mission: to distribute quality creative products with aesthetic and social/cultural value.

On Shop@RAP, our goal is to give people a positive online channel to shop, learn and browse. So, do what you came to do - check out our blog, merch and gallery!


Products Overview

We make products for artsy/conscious folks, collectors, young professionals, students, educators, faith-groups, social organizations and institutions.

Shop@RAP for unique apparel, home decor, lifestyle, stationery, wall art, and other favorites that are good investments, as well as great selections to embellish homes and offices. RAP Inc. also produces and distributes books, audio & video content.